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staff “scavenger hunt”

Every year it is the same old training.  There is HIPAA, OSHA, CLIA and a hundred other licensing groups.  Let’s be honest all staff dread yearly training and testing that seems never ending.  There seems one way to make it a little more enjoyable with points and prizes included.

There are several ways to structure the scavenger hunt to include a variety of tasks over a few days. You can terms defined, examples of forms completed, skill stations for those OSHA and CLIA regulations, as well as fun questions added in about local sports teams, largest number of no shows in one day.  The point is to have fun with and to use as not only training, but a staff bonding exercise as well.

Since this is a training exercise, the rewards can be staff related as well such as scrubs, work shoes, ergonomic desk equipment etc.  The point is to make it fun so all involve look forward this and learn a great deal while doing it.


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