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the art of pricing

Critical Praise for The Art of Pricing

“The key to getting that additional profit, Mr. Mohammed contends in a clear, conversational tone, is to offer customers a variety of pricing options and allow them to pick the one that works best for them…What is clear from Mr. Mohammed’s book is that it might be easier to produce greater margins by concentrating on the numerator (price) – what you charge – instead of obsessing about costs.”
− The New York Times

“The Art of Pricing is an entertaining primer on how to unlock ‘hidden profits’ and growth by aligning your product’s price with the value customers place on it”
− BusinessWeek SmallBiz

“This conversational, easy and informative read is worth paying attention to.”
− Entrepreneur Magazine

“Here is a book that is really “where the rubber meets the road” pricing…I enjoyed this book because the author…wrote a book full of real world examples–which is rather unusual.”

Included in the Forbes’ Entrepreneurial Library (10 books that no entrepreneur should be without). “Pricing products and services is one of the most crucial, and difficult, decisions that an entrepreneur will make…he (Mohammed) finds psychological and macroeconomic rules to help readers set prices effectively as they enter the marketplace.”


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