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K.I.T. with customers while on vacation

Can’t tear yourself away from work for a vacation this summer? But with portable technology and some planning ahead, you can stay in touch with clients and still have some fun.

Here are some tips he’s picked up along the way:

  • Email crucial information to yourself. If you have a power outage and your laptop battery dies, you still may be able to access to it through a public computer at a hotel or cyber café. Store important phone numbers and email addresses in your cell phone, and consider bringing hard copies of must-have information.
  • Check your cell-phone coverage. If service is limited in areas along your route, let clients know you may be hard to reach.
  • Notify your credit-card company you’ll be traveling. This will help you avoid raising red flags that might result in a frozen business account.
  • Prepare your clients and colleagues. Let them know you may be difficult to reach on occasion and be clear that you’re dividing your time between work and vacation.
  • Set expectations for your companions. Make sure everyone knows that you’ll be working part of the time and may need some privacy.
  • Carve out time for fun. If you don’t set aside time to enjoy yourself, you’re defeating the purpose of going away.

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