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eco-friendly cleaner

Conventional cleaners often contain chemicals (surfactants) which don’t easily biodegrade in sewage treatment plants (thus contaminating our waterways) and have been identified by the EPA as endocrine disrupters (hormone trickers). Not the All-Purpose Cleaner from Charlie’s Soap company, which quite frankly is one of the best cleaning agents we’ve ever used. They say it works on everything – “from false teeth to diesel engines” – and since it was developed to quickly, easily and safely remove pitch and tar from industrial machinery, it’s no wonder Charlie’s is a mighty force around the home or office. Yet this power comes in a non-toxic and completely biodegradable form. They claim that you can even wash your pets with it… and/or your car. I think that I will stick to sinks and toilets, but let us know if you lather up your pooch with this miracle worker!


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