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save energy

The Ecostrip looks just like a regular power strip. And for the most part that’s what it is. But connect this $35 strip to your PC via a USB cable and when you shut down your computer, the EcoStrip will turn off any other devices that are plugged in. Perfect for anyone who’s always forgetting to turn off the printer, speakers, lamp, and microwave oven.

The main advantage of the Ecostrip is that it eliminates the flow of electricity to computer peripherals when the computer is turned off, thereby drastically reducing electricity bills in the home and workplace. With no programming or extra installation requirements, the Ecostrip operates like a normal surge protector/power strip until the computer sends a signal telling the peripherals they are no longer in use.

According to the Energy Star web site, “40% of all electrical usage is wasted through devices that continue to consume power even while switched off.” The Ecostrip eliminates this problem simply and effectively.

The Ecostrip has enjoyed quite a high level of success in Asia and especially around Europe, where it arrived back in 2005. Why? Well, simply because the Ecostrip is its own best advertisement. This is one of those ‘once in a generation’ products that actually sells itself.

  • It’s easy to use and simple to set-up! Just plug it in.
  • It’s effective! Can save you more than $70 a year.
  • It’s affordable! Under $30.00.

The USB Ecostrip is the easiest way to “green” your computer and start conserving energy today!


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