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medical blogs not protecting the patient

Physicians and nurses who maintain blogs are not taking sufficient measures to protect the identity of the patients about whom they write, according to a study published last week in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the Los Angeles Times reports. For the 2006 study, author Tara Lagu — a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar and an internal medicine specialist — examined 271 blogs that were maintained by physicians or nurses.

The study found that about 65% of the blogs are written anonymously. The remainder included identifying names of their authors. About 45 blogs, or 17%, “included sufficient information for patients to identify their doctors or themselves,” the study said. About 42% of the blogs contained accounts of private interactions with patients and three blogs displayed photographic images of patients that easily made them recognizable. Despite only a few blogs including conflict of interest disclosures, 11.4% of the blogs contained postings that promoted specific pharmaceutical or medical device products.

According to the Times, some of the physicians and nurses use their blogs “to blow off steam and share their experiences in a profession that most agree has become more trying in recent years,” while others use their blogs to share interesting information, such as medical studies. Lagu said that at least half of the blogs discuss health care policy and other politics-related issues. A few also use blogs as educational tools.

Lagu said that as blogs increasingly become a way for medical personnel to discuss their work and share their frustrations, privacy has become an issue. “It’s time for us to take some responsibility and really think of how we can maintain the integrity of this process,” she said


resources on small business blogs

Small Business Blogs

It stands to reason that budding businesspeople would be attracted to Weblogs, those do-it-yourself publishing sites that embody the very spirit of entrepreneurism. What do blogs add to the small-business dialogue that a whole host of magazines, cable channels and Web sites don’t? In addition to transmitting news, industry gossip and occasional rants, the best small business blogs offer interactivity, allowing readers to chime into the dialogue with their own bright ideas. There are, unfortunately, too many small business blogs peddling the same prosaic resources you can get from a simple google search. The better ones at least offer fresh insight on the mundane and first-hand accounts from the entrepreneurial front lines. — Lea Goldman

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a fresh perspective business blog

Inc.'s Staff Blog

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A Fresh Perspective: Inc.’s Staff Blog

Inc. Magazine’s staff blog is an eclectic and refreshing look at issues of direct — and indirect — interest to smaller businesses. The blogs are sometimes personal and sometimes global and range from a blogger’s issues with PayPal to the virtues of Kiva, the company that makes microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Recent posts covered things like sponsorships, launching a business in a recession, and Pinkberry, the frozen yogurt chain. Smaller businesses should visit to get plugged and recognize that they are part of a larger small-business community.

blog recommendation: the wall street journal

Who knew the venerable Wall Street Journal would get into the frequently irreverent world of blogs? Have no fear: WSJ’s Business Technology blog is just what you would expect from this paper. No foul language here and no overt snarkiness, but a straight look at how technology fits into the world of business. While the blog doesn’t focus solely on smaller businesses, it’s always interesting, always well-written, and it covers issues relevant to smaller business. Recent posts covered such diverse topics as hackers, anticipating risk in technology, and, of course, the iPhone.