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eco-friendly cleaner

Conventional cleaners often contain chemicals (surfactants) which don’t easily biodegrade in sewage treatment plants (thus contaminating our waterways) and have been identified by the EPA as endocrine disrupters (hormone trickers). Not the All-Purpose Cleaner from Charlie’s Soap company, which quite frankly is one of the best cleaning agents we’ve ever used. They say it works on everything – “from false teeth to diesel engines” – and since it was developed to quickly, easily and safely remove pitch and tar from industrial machinery, it’s no wonder Charlie’s is a mighty force around the home or office. Yet this power comes in a non-toxic and completely biodegradable form. They claim that you can even wash your pets with it… and/or your car. I think that I will stick to sinks and toilets, but let us know if you lather up your pooch with this miracle worker!


eco-compliant cleaning services

One green changes healthcare organizations are making this year is to green cleaning.  While there are few national green cleaning companies, they are growing in number.   Clean Solutions offers costumers consulting services on how to clean green.  These services include

  • Evaluation and Plan for Moving your Business towards being green
  • Green Janitorial Services
  • Sustainable ways to clean
  • Recycling and Energy Reduction Programs
  • Sustainable Purchasing Programs
  • Provide better indoor air and quality
  • Green Construction
  • Lighting
  • Architects
  • Solar
  • Pest management, etc.

If you don’t need a full consult but just some guidance. Here are a few links to eco-friendly products and services to get you started.


Co-op America is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to harnessing the economic power of consumers, investors and businesses to promote social justice and environmental sustainability.

Green Floor Cleaner Stone Logix ™ by CORE
is Green Seal Certified


Green HydrOxi Pro, Floor Finish and Floor Stripper by CORE
Green Seal ® Logo Certified


Green Logic Degreaser by CORE Products


eco-business: business cards

A growing topic on ever one’s mind is the enviroment. The cleantech industry is ever growing with good and poor options. One of the good guys is moo . Moo was founded in September of 2006 by Richard Moross. This London based company has a innovative product to help all business people in the area we love the most – networking. Moross started Moo because he was bored with the standard business cards out there, but tells us that business cards have been the most-requested item. Moo offers a standard-sized business card that is 100 percent recycled, recyclable and biodegradable. The eco-cards cost the same as the non-recycled cards. The company’snumber one product is the mini-card. Mini-card fans like the fact that they can print different Flickr photos on their cards, and easily customize the cards with colors and designs. This card is half the size fo the business card with beautiful pictures and designs printed on one side and your information on the other. They are an eye-catching card to meet your networking needs. In addition, they print notecards, postcards, and stickerpostcards. Given this company’s printing process is more efficient than the standard and by using innovative sive proportions, they are an easy way for a company to GO GREEN.

cutting down on junk mail to your business

Despite all the talk about going green, many businesses overlook one of the most cost-effective steps: reducing the piles of junk mail that land every day in their mailbox.

Some services now promise to help businesses cut down on junk mail by contacting the major culprits, such as direct marketers and catalog retailers, and getting businesses or individuals removed from their mailing lists. In some cases, businesses can also take a few easy steps themselves to lighten their mail load.

Here are some resources to help:

Ecological Mail Coalition — You type the names of former employees into a Web site and it contacts direct marketers to get those employees’ names taken off marketers’ lists. It’s free. Marketers don’t want to spend money needlessly sending out mailings that will be thrown out.

GreenDimes –- Though geared to reducing residential junk mail, it can also help people who run businesses from their home. Sign in to the site and select catalogs and other direct mailings you no longer want to receive from a list of about 4,500 companies. It then gives do-it-yourself instructions on getting removed from those marketers lists, such as going to a specific Web site or mailing in a letter. You can then monitor the status of those requests online. Basic service is free. A premium service that makes the process less time-consuming starts at a one-time $20 (and the company plants five trees on your behalf).

DMAChoice.org –- The Direct Marketing Association allows individuals to opt out of marketing mail from marketers they don’t want to hear from. It’s free. Click on “Remove My Name From Those Lists” on the homepage.

OptOutPreScreen.com — Individual business owners (or employees) can curtail credit-card offers by notifying all three major credit bureaus at once at this site, or by calling 1-888-567-8688. It’s free.