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Words of Wisdom that Lie elseswhere

It is an age old question as to what makes a book the “best” or most influnential or better yet the key to success unlocking true success. In short this must be a book that speaks to you and your personality. Business Pundits are coming of with new lists of the best books of all the time inclusive on a regular basis.

If you are considering choosing, you think about a few things. Does this apply to my business needs as this time? Can I concievable finish this book in a manner that it would actually help my business? And is this person giving me a new way to think about my business or just yammering on about things I already know?

For example one book that readily makes the top ten list is The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. This is a turgid text written in first published in 1776 is an exploration of commercial and economic first principles laid the philosophical foundations for modern capitalism and the free-market economy. Smith’s central thesis is that capital can best be used to create individual and national wealth in conditions of minimal government regulations. While this does indeed apply to all business owners, the 2000 page foundation of modern economics may not be the book to read when your ship is sinking.

My consult aims to provide links to revelant books mostly written in modern day to help inspire a business to think about business challenges in a new way. If you are looking for those books you might find them here New York Times Best Sellers List.